Pomp and Circumstances

Sue Hampton (2012)

Children’s and Young Adult   Fiction

On Royal Wedding Day James isn’t in the mood for romance after a disastrous date. His little sister’s off to Hyde Park, and somewhere in the crowd he won’t be joining is a girl from a different kind of postcode who could change his world. For five young Londoners, one day will bring panic, grief and conflict, and risks worth taking.

About this book

After a disastrous date with Eleanor, James wakes up to a house full of Royal Wedding fever. It may be a national holiday, but he’s in no mood for romance.
His best friend Olly is anti-monarchy, but his loved-up parents are ready to party and his younger sister Faith sets off for Hyde Park to experience the atmosphere for herself. Somewhere across the city, in the crowd that James does not want to be part of, is a girl from a different kind of postcode who could change his world.
When Hema heads for Buckingham Palace with her domineering boyfriend, she finds herself tempted to lose him there, amongst the thousands gathered to wave their flags. It’s a surprising place for a gentle girl to find a clear new voice – and alarmed to be alone, Hema can have no idea where independence might lead.
For five young Londoners, circumstances are about to derail plans and overturn expectations. Set against a noisy and colourful backdrop of pomp and fanfare, their life stories will take new directions. There’s more than one way to celebrate, and a strange, reckless day will bring panic, grief and conflict, and risks worth taking.

POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCES is Sue Hampton’s seventeenth novel. For details of her other work, for adults, teenagers and children, see

About Author

Sue Hampton

An avid reader who adored her poet and storyteller father, Sue Hampton shared with her brother Dave a vivid world of the imagination, becoming Robin Hood in the garden and creating new worlds where her toys could play. Having earned a First Class degree from London University (B.Ed hons) with English as her main subject, she taught at two primary schools in Newham and then at Dulwich College before becoming a mum – during this career break she ran a business from home, cooking and freezing veggie and vegan meals. She still loves baking. Returning to teaching in Herts after a twelve year gap, Sue made sure her primary school classrooms were colourful and creative places where Story Time was sacrosanct. In the work of Michael Morpurgo in particular she found an emotional power which inspired her to become an author and when her first novel, SPIRIT AND FIRE, was published by Pegasus in 2007, he reviewed it as “enthralling… a powerfully written debut that lingers long.” He has also praised her story of a girl who, like Sue herself, has alopecia, called THE WATERHOUSE GIRL: “beautifully written.” Sue’s other titles for young readers include both historical and futuristic stories, fantasy, adventures, mystery and humour. She attended her first awards ceremony in March when her deep crossover novel TRACES was runner-up in The People’s Book [...]

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