Peter Hodgson (2014)

Crime & Mystery   Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

His perverted desire is to become the world’s most infamous serial killer. He is a psychopath, emulating killers like Jack the Ripper. A popular seaside resort becomes his stalking ground. The terror intensifies as the bodies of young women are discovered mutilated. Piece by piece the clues emerge, but the nightmare has only just began.

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His perverted desire is to become the world’s most infamous murderer. A popular seaside resort becomes his stalking ground. When the bodies of young women are discovered mutilated, detectives begin their hunt for a deranged copycat killer.
Private detective Jim Sheridan is pulled from the brink of retirement when he learns of his daughter’s brutal murder. When fellow investigators Carl Lewis and Becky Watts join forces with him, suspects begin to emerge. The focus of the investigation is derailed as Sheridan’s past comes back to haunt him.
While the police follow traditional lines of enquiry in their search for a forensically aware criminal, Sheridan and Becky grapple with obscure clues gleaned from other sources.
Piece by piece the clues start to make sense.
As the police eventually close in on their prime suspect, Becky follows her intuition in an attempt to solve the mystery of the killer’s identity.
And the nightmare begins . . .

About Author

Peter Hodgson

Peter Hodgson was born in Preston, Lancashire. From an early age he felt the desire to write detective stories. After reading Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, he produced a novel and a series of short stories based on a Victorian detective whose methods were similar to those of the great Sherlock. The stories were written for fun – but at least it was a start. During his years at secondary school Peter taught himself to play rock and roll/country piano, and he eventually formed a band called ‘Great Balls of Fire.’ He played and sang on the clubland circuit for thirty years, and during this time he recorded several albums and a CD called Rockin’ Daddy, which was featured on Radio 2. The 1970s saw a stint at Poulton Teacher Training College where he earned a Certificate in Education. His chosen subjects were ecology and humanities. Peter’s dreams of becoming a teacher were never [...]

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