Sins of the People

Andrew Malloy (2022)

Fiction   Thriller / Suspense

Secret Service man Ryan Taylor can’t abide bullies. He doesn’t much care for blackmailers either. Or corrupt officials for that matter. So when he finds himself up to his neck in them, he has no choice but to revert to type. Unfortunately, in his line of work reverting to type can only mean one thing – people end up dying. And Taylor has a clear message for anyone brave enough to poke the hornets’ nest …

About this book

Almost from the moment British Secret Service agent Ryan Taylor vows to help old friend and supposed rogue CIA operative Troy Williams, he finds his own life in danger. He and Williams are being set-up. But why, and by whom?

Deadly assassins close in as Taylor embarks on a perilous mission that threatens to shake the very foundations of the world’s most powerful administration.

Despite finding an unlikely ally in Maxie Royce, one of the members of a shadowy organisation known as The Firm, Taylor struggles to survive against overwhelming odds. Can he piece together the jigsaw and solve the puzzle before he loses all he holds dear?

About Author

Andrew Malloy

Andrew Malloy

Businessman Andrew D Malloy was born in Cardiff, but has spent most of his life in Central Scotland where he lives with his wife and family. An already published author, having penned two critically acclaimed crime thrillers (Frantic and Bible John Closure) and an autobiographical account of his father’s time in football (Memoirs of a Hard Man – The Danny Malloy Story), he was forced to take a long sabbatical due to heavy work commitments. These days he spends his leisure time on the golf course or walking his dog Ollie in nearby woods. He’s also rediscovered enough of his mojo to write the first in a series of [...]

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