The Great Beyond

Richard Bradbury (2018)

Christian Life & Practice   Non-fiction

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This book revisits the issue of women and church leadership. The author aims to shed fresh theological light on the arguments that have restricted the role women can play in the church. On the basis of theology, feminism and sociological research, this book provides a compelling case for removing all barriers for women with respect to ministry.

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Society is waking up to the notion that equality between the sexes extends beyond words and into action. This means equal pay for doing the same job regardless of gender. It means equal opportunities to study and progress in any career regardless of any preconceptions concerning whether the job is ‘appropriate’ for a person. This new awakening is beginning to open up new vistas of possibility and we are seeing women entering and thriving in areas that were previously male strongholds such as football and engineering.

On theological grounds, the church is instinctively conservative because it is supposed to uphold God's standards rather than be influenced by the world. That has meant that leadership has remained largely male, particularly in the evangelical sectors of the church. Whilst we have seen some of the more traditional denominations open the way for women to become priests, bishops, moderators, etc., the evangelical church has largely clung to an ideal of male leadership.

In this book, Richard Bradbury challenges the position of the evangelical church, and in particular the New Churches with respect to female leadership. Arguing from the basis of Biblical exegesis, as well as sociological evidence, he presents a compelling case for allowing and enabling women to rise up into their God-given gifting and calling without any restrictions.

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Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury

As both a theologian and a pastor, Richard Bradbury brings both scholarship and compassion to his writing. Drawing upon his academic achievements (BA (Honours) in Theology and an MSc in Management), Richard has set up the Basileia Bible School to train those in ministry and those aspiring to ministry in theology and Biblical studies. Other books by him include, It’s the End of the World as we know it World (a handbook to the End Times), Losing My Religion (The Radical Message of the Kingdom), Everybody Hurts (A foray into the Minor Prophets) and The Great Beyond (Restoring Women to their God-given Role in Ministry). Married with 4 grown up children and based in Beverley, he is the leader of Beverley Community Church (part of the Ground Level Network). He also has some national responsibilities with Churches together in England. Previously, he spent 25 years working in industry which enables him to bring both a theological and practical dimension to his work.

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