The Late Jacob Robshaw

Julius Falconer (2022)

Crime & Mystery   Fiction

This is the fourth in a series of light-hearted detective stories in which the vicar of Sherburn is caught up in seedy circumstances not of his own making and obliged, given the inertia of the local police forces, to conduct murder investigations himself. However, the dead man doesn’t stay dead for long because weeks later, he is seen alive.

About this book

One day in April 1739, the vicar of Sherburn buries in the churchyard an unfortunate victim of murder, identified as Jacob Robshaw. Weeks later, Robshaw is seen alive and well. Then an ex-convict relates how Robshaw was murdered and buried at Sherburn after all. A report comes in that Robshaw, alive and pursuing a criminal career, has just been sentenced to transportation to America. The vicar is then invited to meet Robshaw in person, apparently free and wishing to establish a school for poor children. Is it any wonder that he is confused? And if Robshaw has not been murdered, who was buried at Sherburn? A fourth light-hearted tale from the diaries of the hapless vicar of Sherburn.

About Author

Julius Falconer

Julius Falconer completed six enjoyable years of university studies abroad (particularly slow, our Julius) before working as a translator back in the UK. Thinking that he could earn more as a teacher, to fund his lavish life-style, he took a PGCE at Leeds University and duly turned to teaching. He slaved away at the chalk-face for twenty-six long years in both Cornwall and Scotland before retiring to grow cabbages in Yorkshire, where he still lives. His wife of thirty-three years unfortunately died suddenly in 2000. He has one daughter, married. In 2009, looking to fill his new-found leisure profitably(?), he started to write detective novels and is still happily scribbling away seventeen books later. His interests include [...]

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