The Wishing Book 2 – Return To Mars

Grahame Howard (2009)

Children’s and Young Adult   Fantasy / Sci-Fi   Fiction

After their terrifying ordeal, in book 1, the children find themselves, together with their adult friends, back on Mars where once again the battle commences and the leader of Mars brings his forces against John and the others. Some of them are captured and imprisoned leaving the others with the task of trying to rescue them and get home.

About this book

Since John Carter’s and the other children’s last exciting and harrowing journey to Planet Mars, much has happened. Great fortune has been bestowed on their families and their lives have improved greatly.
Over in Tenerife, Pedro Armaz is relaxing after the hectic journey and wondering how to make The Wishing Book safe from possible theft.
Through a series of unpredictable events Pedro and the children once again find themselves on Planet Mars because of Zelmut’s incessant desire to obtain the book for his own selfish desires – to rule the Universe.
However, Pedro has done some forward planning to protect the Wishing Book should something beyond his control happen.
When Zelmut finally obtains the book, he finds it is useless and has no power whatsoever. He is furious and imprisons John, Pedro and the others.

Meanwhile, Pedro’s son Julio and grandson Miguel obtain the Wishing Book and set off to Planet Mars to rescue the others.
An intense adventure follows with Julio and Miguel being captured by Martian warriors. John, Pedro and the others, who have managed to escape the clutches of Zelmut, are racing against time to rescue Julio and Miguel and have to face all the force of Zelmut’s army and creatures.
Will Julio and Miguel be rescued on time or will Zelmut be victorious?
This is yet another great, ‘I can’t put this book down,’ adventure from Grahame Howard.

An exciting rollercoaster adventure packed with astonishing twists and turns–hold on tight!

About Author

Grahame Howard

I’m Grahame Howard and I have been writing for around 20 years. I was born in Nottingham but after finishing my time in the Army, I settled with my family in Dorset. I am married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. After becoming a Christian in 1980, I trained to be a pastor with The Elim Pentecostal movement and pastored a church in Dorset for a time. In 1993, I went to university and trained as a social worker. Following jobs working in Mental Health and Childcare I transferred to bereavement work in a hospice where I now remain. In 1990 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after suffering with many symptoms for quite a few years. It completely took over my life and I became housebound. In 2000, after 10 years of suffering with this dreadful disease, I had stoma surgery for an ileostomy. There was really no other way forward. As I had been writing for many years and because I could find no other book that would suit my needs, I decided to write my own book about ulcerative colitis which featured my 10 year ordeal. I felt led to put my thoughts down on paper so that they would hopefully help fellow bowel sufferers in the future. All Bagged Up was accepted and published by Pneuma Springs in 2008/9. The book has opened up the way for me to give chats at local stoma groups and a local newspaper – The Western Gazette, interviewed me late [...]

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