The Wishing Book 3 – Extermination

Grahame Howard (2010)

Children’s and Young Adult   Fantasy / Sci-Fi   Fiction

Once again the group are on Planet Mars and the Martians succeed in obtaining the book and succeed in taking over the whole world. World powers lose their control as the Martian Chief begins to crush Earth and inflict Martian Law over the world.
Can the children change this and somehow obtain The Wishing Book and revert things to how they were?

About this book

Since their last expedition to Planet Mars, John, Penny, Aaron and Jimmy return to Tenerife on holiday at the villa next door to Pedro Armaz. Their family friend Ronnie Vines, his wife Sarah and Ronnie’s new friend Jeremy Byrne accompany them.

Ronnie has been anxious to write a children’s space fantasy about Planet Mars and Jeremy has offered to help. They feel that visiting Mount Teide in Tenerife will help them take some realistic photographs for this project. However by accident they discover that Pedro and the children had been on trips to Mars and so Ronnie and Jeremy try to persuade Pedro to take them to Mars.

Through a frightening series of events, Pedro and his family, the children along with their father and Ronnie Vines are abducted by Martian warriors and taken to the Red Planet. This is the beginning of a terrifying ordeal as the Martians finally seize The Wishing Book and take over Planet Earth, a feat that leads to world-wide chaos and devastation. This is the end of the world as we know it, unless they can get back The Wishing Book from the Martians – but how…?

A gut wrenching, nail-biting and terrifying adventure, laden with intrigue and twists around every corner – an experience the children will never forget…!

About Author

Grahame Howard

I’m Grahame Howard and I have been writing for around 20 years. I was born in Nottingham but after finishing my time in the Army, I settled with my family in Dorset. I am married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. After becoming a Christian in 1980, I trained to be a pastor with The Elim Pentecostal movement and pastored a church in Dorset for a time. In 1993, I went to university and trained as a social worker. Following jobs working in Mental Health and Childcare I transferred to bereavement work in a hospice where I now remain. In 1990 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after suffering with many symptoms for quite a few years. It completely took over my life and I became housebound. In 2000, after 10 years of suffering with this dreadful disease, I had stoma surgery for an ileostomy. There was really no other way forward. As I had been writing for many years and because I could find no other book that would suit my needs, I decided to write my own book about ulcerative colitis which featured my 10 year ordeal. I felt led to put my thoughts down on paper so that they would hopefully help fellow bowel sufferers in the future. All Bagged Up was accepted [...]

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