The Wishing Book

Grahame Howard (2009)

Children’s and Young Adult   Fantasy / Sci-Fi   Fiction

This is the beginning of the adventures of 8 year old John Carter who discovers a book under the floorboards of his house. He discovers its magical powers and together with his sister and two friends, they use the power of The Wishing Book to go to Planet Mars where they embark on an adventure that brings thrills and terrifying experiences.

About this book

THE WISHING BOOK (for children 8 - 12 years old)

Back in 1940 on the Island of Tenerife, a young child - Pedro Armaz, is supernaturally given words for special book which made wishes come true. His family are very poor and so Pedro wishes for riches and great wealth which are granted.
Many years later, Zelmut, Chief and Highness of Planet Mars, discovers the existence of the wishing book and wants it for himself so that he can become the ruler of the whole universe. He sends a Martian warrior to find the book and bring it back to Mars, but the warrior keeps the book and uses the book for his own selfish ends and never returns to Mars.

Many years later, little John Carter aged 9, finds this book hidden under a floorboard in his bedroom. He tells his twin sister Penny and close friend Jimmy and together they have many small adventures and play pranks with the book.
Eventually, they wish to go to Planet Mars and they tell their science teacher about this. They trust him and he agrees to go on the trip with them. This is where the action picks up. The children face betrayal and terror as they are faced with Martian warriors and flying creatures called Termans who are intent on getting the book off them. To add to their fear, Zelmut releases his prized weapon - the Blattidae.
Eventually the children lose The Wishing Book and all hope of returning to Planet Earth is dashed. Zelmut seems intent on terminating them. Will he succeed?

This is an edge of the seat book that will keep the reader gripped right until the end. With the many twists, it is impossible to know who they can trust.

About Author

Grahame Howard

I’m Grahame Howard and I have been writing for around 20 years. I was born in Nottingham but after finishing my time in the Army, I settled with my family in Dorset. I am married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. After becoming a Christian in 1980, I trained to be a pastor with The Elim Pentecostal movement and pastored a church in Dorset for a time. In 1993, I went to university and trained as a social worker. Following jobs working in Mental Health and Childcare I transferred to bereavement work in a hospice where I now remain. In 1990 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after suffering with many symptoms for quite a few years. It completely took over my life and I became housebound. In 2000, after 10 years of suffering with this dreadful disease, I had stoma surgery for an ileostomy. There was really no other way forward. As I had been writing for many years and because I could find no other book that would suit my needs, I decided to write my own book about ulcerative colitis which featured my 10 year ordeal. I felt led to put my thoughts down on paper so that they would hopefully help fellow bowel sufferers in the future. All Bagged Up was accepted and published by Pneuma Springs in 2008/9. The book has opened up the way for me to give chats at local stoma groups and a local newspaper – The Western Gazette, interviewed me late last year, placing a nice editorial in their publication. Since then, I have had 3 other titles published through Pneuma Springs. These are children’s fantasy books that form a series: The Wishing Book The Wishing Book 2 – Return to Mars [...]

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