War is a Failure of Politics – A Collection of Poems

Henry Disney (2015)

Non-fiction   Poetry

This collection gathers together a selection of political poems concerning my deep antipathy to war. The criticism that I am too hard on Bush and Blair as opposed to the likes of Hitler or Saddam is because the two Bs proclaim to be motivated by their Christian faith but in practice put their faith in arms, despite Christ’s rejection of violence.

About this book

Henry Disney was born in 1938 and was separated from his parents for part of the War; while his future wife had to be dug from the remains of her home following a bombing raid. After the War he was partly brought up in the Sudan, he served on active service in Cyprus during his National service in 1958, and he carried out research on parasites, their hosts and insect vectors in Belize and Cameroon, as well as taking part in a 3-month entomological expedition to Indonesia. His experience has convinced him that it is folly for the West to intervene in conflicts in the Moslem world, not the least because it leads to a surge of recruitment to the most extreme Jihad movements. His experience has also served to reinforce his Christian commitment to the rejection of war as a means of solving political conflicts.
Since 1984 he has been a senior researcher at the University of Cambridge. He has been author or co-author of more than 600 scientific publications, with his co-authors being from more than 50 countries across the world. He has previously published nine collections of poetry. This tenth collection is unashamedly more political than these previous nine.

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Henry Disney

Henry Disney was born in Dorset in 1938. From the age of 3-7 the War resulted in himself and two sisters being separated from their parents, who were stuck in the Sudan. On leaving school in 1957 he did his National Service in the Royal Artillery, becoming a bombardier on active service in Cyprus before becoming a subaltern on Salisbury Plain. He then read Natural Sciences at Cambridge University (with a part I in zoology, botany and geology and a part II in zoology). He was then Assistant Warden of the Flatford Mill Field Centre in Suffolk, mainly teaching field zoology. On marrying the Centre’s secretary, Audrey, they were obliged to leave for a lack of married accommodation. He was then the Medical Entomologist at the Dermal Leishmaniasis Research Unit in British Honduras (Belize), employed by the Ministry of Overseas Development. His research was mainly on the ecology of sandflies (Phlebotominae) and mammals in relation to a parasitic infection contracted by people working in the rainforest. He returned to Bristol University to study for a Certificate in Education. He then joined the Overseas Staff of the Medical Research Council as the Medical Entomologist at the Helminthisasis Research [...]

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