When Payday Loans Go Wrong

Steve Perry (2011)

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After over sixty payday loans in eighteen months Steve Perry was at the very brink of self destruction. This is the story of Steve’s battle against the payday loan industry. Learn how a catastrophic spiral of payday loan debt was conceived, endured and ultimately defeated. A sad and triumphant story of irresponsible lending and borrowing.

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‘How did it ever come to this? On a cold November night I gaze out through my bedroom window to the descending mist, there is evil in the air, I can feel it tearing at my heart. My body trembles, a cold and sickening sweat drips down my forehead; my breathing is heavy and my mind erratic. My world is crumbling around me, my future, once bright and full of hope has descended into ruin. It was just one payday loan, just one … how did it ever come to this?’
Never before had the word suicide entered the mind of Steve Perry, yet after over 60 payday loans in 18 months it consumed him and led him to the very brink of self destruction. Live, through the eyes of journalist Jack Robinson, a story of stupidity, tragedy and above all the courage to fight back when all hope seems lost. Learn how a catastrophic spiral of payday loan debt was conceived, endured and ultimately defeated.
This is the story of Steve’s battle against the industry, a fight which has left its scars on both sides, it’s a story to give strength to all of those who are in payday hell, and most importantly, it is the story of what truly happens when payday loans go wrong!

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Steve Perry

Life seems to have this wonderful way of throwing the most incredible ironies at us when we least expect it, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. I am of course delighted to say that my greatest achievement to date have come directly from my darkest days, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the way 2011 would pan out for me, particularly given the way it had begun. Yet here I am a published author and internet campaigner but still feeling the effects of 2 years of payday loan hell in both my heart and my bank account! Who would have thought it! I think perhaps my father summed it up the best when he told me, “you were destined for this, don’t you remember when you were young?” he was of course referring to my childhood ambition to become a writer at which time I had actually written two unpublished manuscripts based upon alien invasions … needless to say the imagination and creativity were certainly there, but sadly the ability to write was somewhat missing. My father also took pleasure reminding me at the time my favorite song was ‘Paperback Writer’ by the Beatles, for all the obvious reason! I still find it hard to believe I actually made it as a [...]

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