Wreckers and other strange tales

Harry Riley (2014)

Fiction   Short Story Collections   Thriller / Suspense

This wide variety of murder, mystery and imaginative tales has been created by Harry Riley; especially for those brief interludes in our busy lives, when time is too short for a long read, and we would like something entertaining and perhaps unusual, but not too demanding, from which to dip in and out, at a moment’s notice.

About this book

With over thirty tales in this collection I agonised over which of them should be the cover story. However, the bleak solitude of those storm-tossed light-towers, often built off some wild and windswept, rocky coast, has always fascinated me, and so I chose the drama of the sea, with: ‘Wreckers.’
Even the most elevated families seem to have a black sheep who does not conform, and in ‘Twice Loved’ a wayward young son is to be disowned and banished forever.
In the ‘Curse of Khartoum’ a despised mis-fit goes off at a tangent, with surprising results for everyone concerned.
Things are rarely as black and white or as straightforward as they seem, and I hope these little tales will show that nothing in life should be taken for granted, or at face value.
I leave you to decide if you think I am right. H.R.

About Author

Harry Riley

Country: United Kingdom River Tweed /Berwick upon Tweed / Scottish Borders Hometown: Nottingham (my favourite get-away-from-it-all place) Occupation: Retired, after lifetime spent working in the commercial printing trade from apprentice to manager/director/representative, consecutively of several international and regional companies. Marital status: peacefully married for over 40 years with grown up son and daughter. Education: Nottingham College of Art (after Sec. Mod) and sales training in UK and abroad Religion: Church of England Military Service: Four years in South Notts Hussars and now lifetime member of Royal Artillery Association Interests and hobbies: I always enjoyed reading and started writing short stories verse, and novels, plus articles on current affairs, on retirement, in order to do something different and challenging. Other interests are gardening, touring Southern Counties, Northumberland and Scottish Borders, and snapshot photography. (Mainly landscapes and National Trust Gardens) Currently a member of Eastwood Writers Group and [...]

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