Attitude Determines Altitude

18 March, 2021

Nick is a remarkable man. Those who have met him are always inspired and challenged by his life. Nick was born without arms or legs, yet he writes, ‘I am truly blessed. I am ridiculously happy.’ Many times as a child he prayed for arms and legs. He did not get arms and legs, yet he writes, ‘God used me to reach people in countless schools, churches, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, stadiums and meeting halls. Even better, I’ve hugged thousands of people in face-to-face encounters that allow me to tell them how very precious they are … God took my unusual body and invested me with the ability to uplift hearts and encourage spirits.’

What a great outlook! It’s not the cards you’ve been dealt in life that determine the outcome of your life, it’s your attitude to it.

Jim Rohn tells the story of two salesmen: they look out of the window and it’s pouring. One says, ‘With weather like this they can’t expect you to go out and make sales calls.’ The other says, ‘With weather like this I must go out and make sales calls because everyone will be at home, especially the salesmen.’

Psychologists tell us that it is the way we choose to interpret what happens in our lives, more than the actual circumstances and experiences, that determines our destiny. Bitter or better—we get to decide! Our attitude is the determinant of our outcome. It is not our position but our disposition that makes us happy! Our attitude determines our altitude. When we have the right attitude every experience – positive and negative becomes an opportunity for progress. When facing a huge, Goliath-sized challenge in life there are two possible attitudes you can adopt: one is to say, ‘It’s so big, there’s nothing I can do.’ The other is to say, ‘It’s so big, I can’t miss!’

Whether you think you can. Or think you can’t. You are right. (Henry Ford)

Between you and anything great will be giants. You cannot bring about change without confrontation. If you like things easy you will have difficulties. If you are not intimidated by problems you will succeed. Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; but they are the instruments of the wise. Therefore it’s not what happens to you in life that determines the outcome or quality of your life, it’s what you do about it.

What you do in trouble can make you bitter or better. It all depends on your attitude. Why don’t you decide to turn your trouble into a classroom and learn some valuable lessons? Someone once said, a bad attitude is like a flat tyre: if you don’t change it, you’re not going anywhere.

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude towards it, for that (our attitude) is what determines our success or failure. (Norman V. Peale)


Author: Yomi is a wordsmith, passionate about books, reading, education, healing and health. She has appeared several times on television and radio; speaking about her passion. She has Master’s degree in Medical Immunology from the College of Medicine, University of London and worked at a postgraduate college of medicine in London for over a decade before pursuing her passion for writing. She is the author of four books.

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