Sins of the People

Sins of the People

Secret Service man Ryan Taylor can’t abide bullies. He doesn’t much care for blackmailers either. Or corrupt officials for that matter. So when he finds himself up to his neck in them, he has no choice but to revert to type. Unfortunately, in his line of work reverting to type can only mean one thing - people end up dying. And Taylor has a clear message for anyone brave enough to poke the hornets’ nest …

An Anthology of Christmas Murders - Terror, Tinsel and Turkey

Murder comes in all shapes and sizes. It also comes at inconvenient times. Christmas, for example. This anthology has all the classic motives: blackmail, revenge, lust, greed, anger… And there’s more! Humour, intrigue, suspense…

Bible John - Closure

Glasgow, Scotland, 1969, a serial killer named Bible John strikes for the third and last time, vanishing as quickly as he had appeared. 40 years on, and a killer is on the loose again...and young women are dying in an all too familiar way. The race is on to catch a killer...with devastating consequences.

Treachery and Triumph - An Anthology of World War II Stories

Commemorating 70 years after the end of WW2 hostilities. A vivid insight, through a fascinating mixture of history, reminiscence and fiction, into life during World War 2 (WWII).