Sins of the Father

Harry Riley (2009)

Murder and mystery: two young men whose paths were doomed to cross even before they were born. Billy Turpin grows up to become a successful businessman, with charismatic charm. James Parker becomes a doctor, often suffering fits of depression and who suspects that his generous benefactor: Billy Turpin, is also a psychopathic killer.

Tempt Not the Stars

The Hon. Mr and Mrs Bede Lambton, of Abberton Hall in Worcestershire, persuade their nephew Gregory to enter a competition run by the Syrian Ministry of Tourism. Gregory, a student in the archaeology department of Bristol University, produces a paper called ‘The Syrian Sapphire’. Subsequently Gregory’s housemate Sheena Morrison is murdered.

The Alkan Murder

The Alkan Murder is a crime novel in the best British traditions of the genre, with red herrings and stimulating asides galore. The story is set in the present in a North Yorkshire hamlet. It allows the alert reader to identify the murderer in a helter-skelter of an investigation conducted by a seasoned but baffled detective team.

The Bite of a Mad Dog - A Country Parson’s Curious Tale

The book is a light-hearted detective story set in an eighteenth-century Yorkshire village. The vicar finds himself at the centre of an intrigue which leaves him bewildered – and in danger! - and no one else seems able or willing to investigate it. His reaction to the explanation, when he blunders into it, is both effective and humane.

The Blake Curse

This supernatural thriller pivots on two powerful characters; Ben Blake, the gifted British Intelligence officer embarking on his first undercover assignment, and Jake Snell, the rugged Earl full of vices, the rogue who has to tease out that single thread of goodness inside his crumbling shell. He is Ben’s only lifeline in this treacherous game.

The Bones of Murder

While renovating the derelict twelfth-century chapel attached to their new house in rural Worcestershire in 1972, Grace and Benjamin Hothersall uncover three skeletons, which have clearly been the victims of murder. Inspector Wickfield is called in to investigate.

The Five Facets of Murder

The Percival diamond disappears when twins, William and Elsie Percival, are children. Not too long afterwards, their parents die. They unearth a trunk in the attic; the contents : the secret to the Percival diamond, and set out to find out what happened to it. A weekend party to unravel the secret results in a poisoning, shooting and much more.

The Folly Under the Lake

Multi-millionaire Walter Sinnet is crooked and ruthless. He builds an impressive underwater folly on his property. Wishing to show off, Walter welcomes a house party to his home, but an angry storm lashes down on the village and traps everyone inside the estate. A guest’s jewellery goes missing and a dead body is found floating in the lake.

The Laird of Castle Ballantine

Harry Riley (2013)

Returning to a Scottish Borders churchyard, on the winding banks of the River Tweed, and suffering from a queasy stomach – the editor's golden boy, young reporter Leonard McFadden, staggers and grasps a tombstone for support, and plunges headlong into a strange and deadly mystery that fate has diabolically thrust across his path.