Read and Soar

A book about the many benefits & joys of reading for adults/kids and how to get kids to enjoy reading from an early age so they can achieve more. Research shows that a love of reading is more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s wealth/class. Reading has the potential to empower & help us reach our full potential.


Henry Disney (2011)

REITERATION covers the poet’s varied experiences from his active service in Cyprus in his youth, being a medical entomologist in the tropics, his Christian faith, political observations, scientific insights and being a husband, father and grandfather.
A reviewer of his previous poems says "Henry Disney's is… a beautiful mind, and a tough mind"

Mr Carrick is Laid To Rest

A respected teacher at a private girls’ school in rural Worcestershire, physically attracted to one of the Sixth-Form leavers discloses his feelings for her. Convinced that he has mishandled their final meeting, he writes her a letter of regret and then kills himself. The coroner’s verdict is suicide but Inspector Wickfield is called investigate.

My Parakeet was an Anarchist and other short stories

My Parakeet was an Anarchist (2009) is an eccentric collection of short essays that are quick to read and easy to digest. There are 46 separate pieces in this collection, especially designed for those with short attention spans.


Terry Durose (2008)

Since 2002 Terry Durose has had the privilege of training and preparing literally thousands of Christians for evangelistic mission. The insights he shares in this book come from deep Biblical reflection and his experience as a Pastor, Head of UK Missions for ‘On The Move’, and Director of Manchester City Mission.

Same same, but different

This is not a travel guide and it does not offer definitive advice about where to stay etc. It is simply an honest, realistic account of my adventures as a relatively experienced traveller. Since developing the travelling bug, I have driven across Canada, dived the oceans of Indonesia and the Middle East, been to Australia, New Zealand etc.

Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector

Bryony Allen (2006)

Beaver's Brook Primary School is the subject of a scathing Ofsted inspection, which rips apart the school and its inhabitants, wrapping them in mystery and deceit.
As an inspector is found dead in the staff room, the fragile lives of the teachers are held to scrutiny and ridicule as their hopes and aspirations decompose beneath a tirade of mockery.

Ndlovu - The White Elephant

Peter Good (2011)

Based upon the author’s experiences in Rhodesia, this is a pacy story set in Zimbabwe during the turbulent years that followed independence. The story highlights the dangers of police work in the explosive climate during the years of terror and is woven around human suffering and the horrors that confronted the peoples both black and white.

Silver Eagle - Dutch Version

Ronald Ooms (2014)

'SILVER EAGLE', het waargebeurd verhaal van Clancy Lyall. Veteraan van de Band of Brothers werd geschreven door Clancy's goede vriend Ronald Ooms.
Dit boek belicht het einde van een tijdperk waarin het persoonlijke verhaal van Clancy Lyall in zijn eigen woorden wordt verteld.