The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond

This book revisits the issue of women and church leadership. The author aims to shed fresh theological light on the arguments that have restricted the role women can play in the church. On the basis of theology, feminism and sociological research, this book provides a compelling case for removing all barriers for women with respect to ministry.

Second Hand Scott

Scott Logan, AKA Second Hand Scott, specialises in picking up girls who have just been dumped, jilted or otherwise broken-hearted. But he isn’t your stereotypical romantic cad and bounder. No; he actually thinks he’s being helpful. But one day, Scott is forced to choose between his continued second hand existence and the possibility of true love.

Serendipity - A miscellany of short stories

John Butler (2012)

I have written these stories to interest readers with all manner of tastes. Along with the humorous ones I have delved deeper into other such as real life drama, the nonreligious and the contemplative. In short ‘Serendipity’ caters for all tastes.

The Heart of a Shepherd

A simple, yet profound book from a man with a shepherd’s heart. This book will strike a chord with every true leader and transform every aspiring leader careful to obey the truths therein. A must read for all who desire to be God’s kind of leader.

Sharks That Walk On Land

Ron Palmer (2011)

This is a fictionalised account of the last two weeks of Captain James Cook's life written in two parts: The events leading up to his murder by the Hawaiians are contained in Part One. The second part deals with attempts by his successor and friend to retrieve his remains for Christian burial. The book is based on authentic research and facts.

The Kipper Patrol

Thornaby, 1930, saw the formation of 608 squadron Auxiliary Air Force. Remembered by some veterans as ‘the kipper patrol’, this book provides a long awaited history of a squadron remembered by many local people and recognised by both the Airman Memorial and the replica Spitfire. It serves as a lasting memory to the squadron, aerodrome and veterans.

Short Stories - Volume One

Neal James (2009)

Find out how Moses writes to God for clarification on matters of the utmost urgency. Hold your breath as an almost perfect insurance scam comes disastrously unstuck in the most unexpected way. Shake your head at Mike's naiveté in dealing with a stranger in black. A collection of unique gems.

The Northern Ireland Peace Process and the International Context

The USA has taken a renewed interest in Northern Ireland, the European Union has continued to evolve as a trans-national organisation and has also sought to influence the easing of sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland. This book seeks to assess the overall impact that such global developments have had on the Northern Ireland peace process.

The One I Love - A Study of the Works of John the Divine

This book emerged from several years of study and fascination with the writings of John. Aiming to get beneath the surface of the writing, the author delves into the symbolism and metaphor which lie in a deeper reading of the text. As you read, you will gain good understanding and a revelation of John and his writings.