Never Mind Where the Ball Went and other Golf Stories

This book contains a series of amusing golfing incidents and reflections designed to entertain. Learn how to outwit the committee, horrify the green keeper, get lucky against an unethical attack, embarrass your friends from overseas & keep an ear open for of the finest sound you are likely to hear on a golf course. It’s all here in faultless prose.

Silver Eagle - The Official Biography Of “Band Of Brothers” Veteran Clancy Lyall

Ronald Ooms (2013)

The official biography of Clancy Lyall, member of the “Band of Brothers”, made famous by Steven Spielberg's and Tom Hanks' 2001 TV-series and Stephen Ambrose's book bearing the same name. It's Clancy's story in his own words about World War 2, Korea and Indochina, as he witnessed it. Written down by his close friend, journalist Ronald Ooms.

One Last Time

Mark Beggs (2007)

David Munroe is disillusioned with life as a whole. The death of his wife leaves him floundering and to fill the void he finds a new love. His new love is costing him a lot, so he begins to borrow money from his employers without their knowledge. On the verge of being caught and losing everything he holds dear in life, he devises an ingenious plan.

Straight-Forward Reality to Workplace Success - Understanding What's Expected

Straight-Forward Reality to Workplace Success - Understanding What's Expected

This book focuses on you as an individual and provides valuable information to support you on your journey to success. The book will help you build on your current strengths, but will also identify weaknesses and set a precise pathway for improvement.


Bryony Allen (2011)

OTOLI is a short novel aimed at a teen/young adult audience, written in a diary format. It explores the theme of bullying from the point of view of the bullied and the bully, adding a paranormal twist that makes it darkly entertaining. The title OTOLI is a challenge: can you work out what it means?

Sustainable Development and Mining in Sierra Leone

Based on a PhD thesis, with a focus on Sierra Leone, this book explores the conflicts between pursuing mining activities to foster economic development and protecting the environment in which such activities take place.

Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories

Steve Morris (2014)

The Eastern Front 1943. A massive Russian offensive has fragmented the German frontlines forcing them into a fighting retreat back to the Oder River to establish defensive bridgeheads in order to slow the Soviet masses. However elements of the 1st SS LAH Panzer division have held their positions and have withstood the brunt of the Soviet onslaught.

Teach us of Love

Henry Disney (2012)

"Henry Disney's is, to borrow a phrase, a beautiful mind, and also a tough mind." So wrote Kitty Ferguson in her review of his sixth collection. This eighth collection of poems reinforces this perception.
The topics covered reflect varied experience, distinguished contributions to science and a deep commitment to Christian values and perceptions.

Temples and Tacos

An account of a fascinating trip which consisted of so much more than learning about ancient civilisations such as the Aztecs, Zapotecs and Mayans and visiting the remains of their once great cities. Travelling by coach, visiting a remote site by five-seater aeroplane or travelling upriver by boat, the journey itself was part of the adventure.