All Bagged Up

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease are serious bowel conditions that affect many people of all ages across the world today. This is my account of suffering UC for 10 years and how I coped and survived before undergoing stoma surgery. Pain, humiliation, loss of dignity and anger were all part of my life prior to having surgery for a colostomy.

The Wishing Book

This is the beginning of the adventures of 8 year old John Carter who discovers a book under the floorboards of his house. He discovers its magical powers and together with his sister and two friends, they use the power of The Wishing Book to go to Planet Mars where they embark on an adventure that brings thrills and terrifying experiences.

The Wishing Book 2 - Return To Mars

After their terrifying ordeal, in book 1, the children find themselves, together with their adult friends, back on Mars where once again the battle commences and the leader of Mars brings his forces against John and the others. Some of them are captured and imprisoned leaving the others with the task of trying to rescue them and get home.

The Wishing Book 3 - Extermination

Once again the group are on Planet Mars and the Martians succeed in obtaining the book and succeed in taking over the whole world. World powers lose their control as the Martian Chief begins to crush Earth and inflict Martian Law over the world.
Can the children change this and somehow obtain The Wishing Book and revert things to how they were?