War is a Failure of Politics - A Collection of Poems

Henry Disney (2015)

This collection gathers together a selection of political poems concerning my deep antipathy to war. The criticism that I am too hard on Bush and Blair as opposed to the likes of Hitler or Saddam is because the two Bs proclaim to be motivated by their Christian faith but in practice put their faith in arms, despite Christ’s rejection of violence.

The Daisy Chain

What life throws at you in childhood changes you and sometimes takes you to dark places. Richard’s has made mistakes and almost paid the price no father wants to ever pay. Truth is the only way forward for all involved, but love is the vital key in this stirring story of a family torn and mended by events both preventable and beyond their control.

When Payday Loans Go Wrong

Steve Perry (2011)

After over sixty payday loans in eighteen months Steve Perry was at the very brink of self destruction. This is the story of Steve's battle against the payday loan industry. Learn how a catastrophic spiral of payday loan debt was conceived, endured and ultimately defeated. A sad and triumphant story of irresponsible lending and borrowing.

Wild Strawberries

Derek Smith (2011)

This is the true story of a nine year old boy who at the height of the Birmingham blitz in 1941 is evacuated to a remote hamlet in south Stafforshire were he finds himself living with domestic and sanitary arrangements that had remained unaltered for over a thousand years. These experiences try a ‘tough little Brummie’ almost to the limit of his endurance.

The Five Facets of Murder

The Percival diamond disappears when twins, William and Elsie Percival, are children. Not too long afterwards, their parents die. They unearth a trunk in the attic; the contents : the secret to the Percival diamond, and set out to find out what happened to it. A weekend party to unravel the secret results in a poisoning, shooting and much more.

The Folly Under the Lake

Multi-millionaire Walter Sinnet is crooked and ruthless. He builds an impressive underwater folly on his property. Wishing to show off, Walter welcomes a house party to his home, but an angry storm lashes down on the village and traps everyone inside the estate. A guest’s jewellery goes missing and a dead body is found floating in the lake.

The Guitar Man

Set in a seaside town on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, my bitter sweet love story of Chris and Penny spans a lifetime from their childhood.
This is a story of undying love and devotion and your heart will be warmed by the happy times they share, and sense the grief they suffer with the tragedies that beset their lives.

The King and the Casket

This historical tale begins in the year 1311 when twenty year old adventurer, Jeref Moor, from Constantinople lands in Aberdeen. He meets Robert Bruce but avoids a dangerous situation with the assistance of a mysterious beggar. Eventually he joins the English royal household in London where he becomes inadvertently embroiled in a switch of royal babies.

The Laird of Castle Ballantine

Harry Riley (2013)

Returning to a Scottish Borders churchyard, on the winding banks of the River Tweed, and suffering from a queasy stomach – the editor's golden boy, young reporter Leonard McFadden, staggers and grasps a tombstone for support, and plunges headlong into a strange and deadly mystery that fate has diabolically thrust across his path.